"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​Infant and Toddler Classes


This program offers parents a convenient, well-rounded program which provides quality care and educational opportunities to infants and toddlers.  We understand and accept each child's individual rate of development.  Schedules are kept flexible to allow for the varied needs and demands of these very young children.  each infant enrolled has a crib of his/her own and each toddler has his/her own cot.  We provide freshly laundered sheets and blankets that are changed daily for infants and twice a week for toddlers.  A copy of our daily log with information on bottle feeding, eating, diapering, napping and daily activities will be sent home with each child every day.  The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 4 for infants and 1 to 5 for toddlers.

​Two-Year Old Class


The two-year old classroom has been structured to foster independence.  Children are introduced to toilet training and are encouraged to express themselves through play, art, and music activities.  Language is emphasized as the children enhance their vocabularies and learn to communicated and verbalize their thoughts.  The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 8.

Pre-School Classes


Like our infant and toddler classes, the preschool program is also a loving, Bible-based program.  We praise our children for respecting themselves and the world around them.  We want our children to feel nurtured in a loving environment where they will enjoy learning.  

During the day children will be encouraged to participate in activity centers which have been especially prepared by their teachers to encourage learning through a hands-on approach.  Children will also participate in teacher directed activities designed to help develop specific age-appropriate skills.  A weekly report will be sent home to parents describing classroom activities in each area of learning including language & literacy; math & science; creative expression & music; gross & fine motor skills and social/emotional development.  The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 10.